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Graham Davies:

Healer Member of the International Healing Fellowship
Diploma in Advanced Counselling Skills
Diploma in Indian Head Massage
Certificate in Life Coaching


MEDITATION CLASSES with Graham Davies – 2020

Due to the coronavirus, meditation classes are currently suspended. The restart date will be published here when available.

The classes are on Wednesdays,  8pm to 9pm at Number 11, 11 Mickleburgh Hill, Herne Bay. Fee: £4 per session. Booking is essential.

To book a place, please ‘phone or text me on 0785 613 3584, or email me at dimensions@btinternet.com, with your name and contact ‘phone number.

Practised in many eastern cultures since ancient times, meditation became popular in the west in the 1900’s. During meditation, the blood flow is directed to the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the part of the brain that triggers relaxation, slowing the pulse, and conserving energy. It counteracts the effects of the sympathetic nervous system known as the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response.

Through meditation, we can bring the whole of our being into harmony and balance. Regular practise helps to keep us centred, and able to cope better with the changes and challenges of daily life.

In our weekly sessions, I use creative visualisation, leading you on a journey, to a place where you can experience deep relaxation of mind and body. Once in this deep state, you can become centred and focussed, allowing you to think clearly, find understanding and solutions to problems, and to heal yourself.

‘Meditation can help us embrace our worries, our fear, our anger; and that is very healing. We let our own natural capacity of healing do the work’ – Thich Nhat Hanh






A one-day course with Paul Lambillion

healer, clairvoyant, teacher, metaphysician  and author


Saturday 18 April 2020   10.00am – 5.00pm Fee £50

Herne Bay, Kent area

Tel/Text: 0785 613 3584 

email: dimensions@btinternet.com


On this special one day course we will look at the Major Chakras in the Human Energy system and how they are central to healing and balance in the human mind and body.

It is suitable both for those with some experience of the topics explored as well as those new to the ideas.

Particularly we will consider:

~ The nature and structure of the Chakras

~ Methods of balancing the energies of the brain and nervous system so that universal forces and energies can flow effectively through the different levels of the human subtle constitution.

~ Connecting to and transmitting Healing Forces

~ Directing Forces by linking Mind and Breath.

~ Modes of Self – healing and healing others.

~ Planetary forces, the solar plexus and issues of grounding and stamina.

It is a day to experiment and explore under Paul’s guidance, and to enhance your powers of healing, whether focussed on yourself or on clients, friends, and family.

The first part of the day will be mainly concerned with developing self-understanding and self-healing, then in the latter part progressing to ways in which we can help initiate healing in others, in the energy of groups and even rooms and buildings.

It will be an interesting, stimulating and educative course, so do come and work with us. You will be most welcome.


Refreshments included, please bring your lunch. Please contact us to reserve a place.




This is one of a number of trance channeled sessions held in Herne Bay.


As we have said in the past, this is a period of great change for your planet. It is also a period of much healing taking place. And so we look at this thing that we call healing, and what is healing? To place it in simple terms for everyone to understand, we would say that healing is where you are at a point of equilibrium, where you are in perfect balance between your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. With any one of these out of balance you are not at a point of healing.

We are aware that many regard the process of healing as when you go to see one of your therapists, and by whatever means of therapy that they undertake to work on you. This may be as we call hands-on healing, faith healing, or some other form of therapy as there are so many. Basically the process is the same. But there are many things that you can do in your everyday lives to be in this constant state of ongoing healing. The animals on your planet, particularly those that have become domesticated, have become part of your family, as part of your friends, have a huge potential for healing and balancing you, whatever the problem may be that somebody is experiencing in their life. The energy from those domestic pets, as you call them, has an immeasurable healing effect. It may not be that this is the particular animal’s intention, but it is because of the animal’s make up, it is the animal’s acceptance of the things that that animal experience, and does not judge them. And so these animals have a great capacity for healing themselves naturally and that energy they pass on to those humans who have them as part of their family.

Also, there is great potential for healing within nature. We would ask you not to forget that although you’re in your human body, you are foremost a spiritual being and you are part of nature, you are part of that energy behind all of nature, behind your flowers, behind your rivers, behind your mountains, behind your seas. These are just physical manifestations of vibrations of energy. It is the energy behind them all which is one, and you your true self are part of that one energy. As you are aware, you come the earth, you return to the earth. Your physical body comes from nature, returns to nature.

That spiritual part of you, that spiritual part of nature always exists in spite of the many problems that this planet you inhabit encounters, and has throughout its cycle of lives. It nonetheless can heal itself. We do not dissuade those who care about the planet to be mindful of how it is treated, but we can assure you planet Earth, the spirit of this great planet has all the capabilities it needs to heal itself, whatever happens to it. It is not possible for the human race to destroy the planet. It may be a scenario that is given to you at times, but in spite of your wars and the use of poisonous chemicals and such things, the planet will still heal itself. If your wars were to continue you cause damage to the planet, but it will be the human race that will be destroyed, and  those structures that man has put up on the Earth. The Earth continues to heal itself, as many have experienced in recent years, particularly in many acts of nature that you may regard as catastrophic. Those events such as you refer to as a tsunami, these are not catastrophies caused by nature as such. There is always cause and effect, and it is through other things man is doing on some part of your planet, around your world, that has created this change in energy, which then brings about the so-called catastrophic events for you. Nothing more, nothing less. By respecting and loving your planet it will be a peaceful home for you. Whilst those persons often with their own greed in mind continue to decimate parts of this world, then they and other parts of the world will continue to experience problems.

So how can you assist in making changes? You may not be in a position to protest over these things take place, but by meditating, contemplating, visualising in your mind a peaceful healthy planet, changes that you are able to make are much deeper and longer lasting., And so in doing this you are participating in the healing of your planet, and as the planet is part of nature and you are part of nature, you have the same energy. In looking after your planet you look after yourself. As the planet evolves there will be other events that seem to be caused by those living on the Earth. The planet goes through constant cycles and so things will change to some extent. There have been these periods throughout thousands and millions of years where the planet heats up and when the planet cools down. This is a natural progression.

So bringing you back to your own healing, what else can you do? One of the most important things we would urge you to do is to be aware of the thoughts that go through your mind, the words you speak. Those words uttered in anger for example, will have a negative energy behind them, and this will have the opposite effect of healing. So whatever energy you put out into your world is an energy that you will feel yourself, for as we have just said, the energy of your planet, the energy of nature and your own energy are one. There is no separation. This is something that the people living in ancient times understood. It as your world has become more materialistic this connection with nature, the whole of being with the whole of life shall we say, became masked in some way. It is not lost, it is just concealed. It is always there but you may not be aware of it. So we would urge you to spend time in the presence of your animals, whether your domestic friends as we say, or those out in your countryside, and feel that affinity, that connection between you. And also spend time in nature, whether it be in your own space however small, or walking in your countryside or even in your town where there are trees. And connect to nature in your parks and gardens. And in doing this you will begin to find you have that connection and you will find where that connection feels strongest for you. For some of you it will be in the countryside, four others it will be near the sea, near the rivers. It is the same energy. In different circumstances some of you will find this easier to connect with. We know for those of you in the western hemisphere this is difficult at this time of your year, nonetheless we would ask you to try to connect as much as you can. if you are unable to participate in this out of doors even the simple act of looking through a book of pictures of countryside. of trees, of rivers, of the sea, will enable you to connect with the energy. Although it is a picture it still holds that energy within it, and so there are many, many for you to make this connection, and to heal yourself. And the more you heal yourself, the more you help to heal those around you. We ask you to consider these ideas we have discussed with you.